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EMG Collectives har ägnat de senaste åren åt att bilda ett starkt band mellan Sverige och Kanada. Nu har vi fått möjligheten att lyfta fram begåvade svenska artister som förtjänar lite extra erkännande. Det gör vi i vår kolumn som heter "Knock Knock", som publiceras både i Caschbox Magazine Canada och RecordWorld International.

Artisterna är noggrant utvalda och recensionerna skrivs och presenteras av Malin Östh och Jonas Tancred.

Vi tycker det är underbart att få belysa våra svenska "up and coming artists" på detta viset.

Musik har verkligen inga gränser.

Vill du få chansen att bli recenserad av oss?

Skicka då ett mail till med en biografi samt lyssnings länkar och live framträdanden, så ska vi ge det ett extra öra.


Agnes Mai

Agnes Mai.jpg

An old soul with a young heart


One way of describing Agnes Mai is that she is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter from Lund, Sweden. Softspoken, maybe a bit shy. 

Another way to describe her is, that she from her first note grabs a firm hold of you, and that she will not let go until she has told you all her stories, until you feel what she felt, until you understand.
An old soul with a young heart indeed.

Read the rest of the article here:


Photo: Hien Wollinger






Simon Roosé

Since he was five years old, Simon Roosé wanted to be a musician. Coming from a musical family, music was already in his blood. What started out as an interest became at the age of thirteen a complete obsession with listening to, playing and creating music.

For the past nine years, he has experimented with many musical genres, everything from pop, rock, indie all the way to hip-hop, jazz, funk, and fusion.From singing in choirs to attending Christian 4:s Gymnasium in Kristianstadto study songwriting and production in Stockholm, Blekinge and Skåne. (Sweden). At the same time, he also studied a variety of instruments to finally fall in love with the guitar which has been his main instrument since.

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“The year was 2022.

Our heroes managed to find their way back to the rehearsal space after the gates of the pandemic were finally unlocked. Their band had split up and they found themselves lost, so they did the only thing they knew how to do. They picked up their instruments and started jamming! “Can an epidemic also be the cure?


It can, according to the Swedish upcoming band Farsot, which translated to English means just that: Epidemic.

If you are in need of a sonic detox to rid yourself of pop and R’n’B? With fuzz pedals, the penta scales, the rumbling bass and the clattering drums, Farsot is absolutely the cure for you!

Having had the great pleasure to enjoy Farsot live at Kristianstad Music Days earlier this Spring, we have to agree.

Listen on Spotify here:

For more on Farsot visit;



When we first met the creative engine behind Winterland, Fredrik Nilsson, he was this warm, goodhearted music store owner in our town in the south of Sweden. Always ready to assist and promote the local musicians coming to his store. Always ready to make a deal, to help struggling artists making a great bargain. Displaying their records, CDs and posters. And, always ready to crack a bad joke!

He was already at that time known for his musicality; as an awesome blues guitarist.
The whole town mourned the day the store had to close down. But out of the ashes rose something bigger, stronger… a songwriter of rank. Winterland had been born.





We would of course love to say that it all began 2021 at Lilla By Festivalen, our own little festival in the south of Sweden. But that wouldn't be the truth.

The band had already started in 2019 when the members met at Stockholm's Aesthetic High School and formed the band MISU. The band consists of Lin Björk on guitar and Eje Adevik (Charlie Mango) on bass, who both do vocals, as well as Victor Holmström on drums.

During their last year, the band released their first EP "Songs for a pretty smoker". They also managed to do one gig before the whole world closed down for the pandemic.

Linn who writes the songs together with Eje has also been doing backing vocals for the well renowned popular Swedish band, Bob Hund and performed with them at Allsång på Skansen, TV4, Gröna Lund, Propahgandafestivalen, Kulturnatten, and more.


In the Presence of Giants!
Anders Hanser
Lennart Östlund

This week our column will be a little different.

We usually write about upcoming Swedish independent bands we crossed paths with but this week we will designate our column to two legends!

But with a twist!

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